Maria the Lost (mariagoner) wrote in batmanbegins,
Maria the Lost

Little Women/Batman Fic: Dark Scribe Begins, Ch 2 (Jo/Laurie)

So help me, not only did I go on to write a fic that somehow crosses the sweet, thoroughly non-violent world of Little Women with the Nolanverse, I went on to write a second chapter to it!

Title: Dark Scribe Begins, Chapter 2
Fandom: Little Women & Batman Begins/Dark Knight
Series: Dark Scribe Begins
Characters/Pairings: Jo/Laurie, Amy, Fred, Cast, with Jo March taking the place of Rachel Dawes and Theodore "Laurie" Laurence taking the place of Bruce Wayne.
Rating: R
Summary: It would all begin with a message hastily sent through her kitchen window on an otherwise unremarkable morning. But after a certain gentleman of a darker persuasion moves back into her city, Jo March's life gets all the more dangerous from there...
Note: This is a Little Women/Batman Begins crossover, with all the madness that entails. This is so AU, I almost don't even need to mention it.

Amy simply smiled primly at that, as though she had been doing something more along the lines of showing a prospective buyer her art than torturing her sister into compliance through the most devious, if gentle-womanly, of means. 'Really? Why Jo, how kind of you to say so. I knew you'd speak sense eventually.'
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