Maria the Lost (mariagoner) wrote in batmanbegins,
Maria the Lost

Little Women/Batman Fic: Dark Scribe Begins, Ch 3 (Jo/Laurie)

Somehow, I still persist in working on this and am thus up to posting chapter 3. Onward to new (and important) cast members appearing!

Title: Dark Scribe Begins, Chapter 3
Fandom: Little Women & Batman Begins/Dark Knight
Series: Dark Scribe Begins
Characters/Pairings: Jo/Laurie, Amy, Fred, Cast
Rating: R
Summary: It would all begin with a message hastily sent through her kitchen window on an otherwise unremarkable morning. But after a certain gentleman of a darker persuasion moves back into her city, Jo March's life gets all the more dangerous from there...
Note: This is a Little Women/Batman Begins crossover, with all the madness that entails. Jo March takes the place of Rachel Dawes, with Theodore "Laurie" Laurence standing in for Bruce Wayne. This is so AU, I almost don't even need to mention it.

Fred was nowhere to be seen but as Jo waited in the halls impatiently in the falls for him and turned her head at the sound of wild burst of laughter from the ballroom just beyond, she could see that someone else was...
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